You may need advices on a particular subject, or a professional to do a particular job
A consultant or a Freelancer - both are experts!

Freelancing and Consulting

Our freelance and consultations can save you time and make easier a challenging work.

We focus on getting and having your job completed promptly and effectively while making sure you're receiving a very competent service on time, ideas, quality, and negotiable costs.

Our freelance service stay on small (medium) contracts or agreements:

  • Adobe CS3 (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash)
  • Open Source Design Tools (Gimp, Inkscape, Scribus)
  • Spanish - Tutoring classes and lessons
  • Spanish - Translating English documents into Spanish
  • Spanish writings - Blog content submission, content creation, content edition
  • Programming - Php, Asp, HTML, Jquery
  • Styling your design and web pages - CSS modifications, changing logos, banners and links, photo galleries, social media integration and interactive / responsive pages
  • Install or use Open source software - Search and find the best open source for your need, install and update your new program for effective results. Open sources for job directories, blog management and integrated business website, virtual carts and payment integration for your online store
  • Web Design and Development
  • Domains and Hosting set ups - Pointing your new domain to a specific folder? Uploading pages through FTP?
  • Research for domains, keywords, and strategic content. Interested in targeting bilingual or multilingual markets? We can support you with everything necessary in Spanish
  • Information Technology - Consulting projects, getting to know more about the technology for you, brush up skills, and even get trained your employee or assistant
  • Social Media - Becoming virtually social and get to know your market and niche better
  • Wordpress installation - Understanding basic steps and adjusting it to your requirements
  • Zen Cart consultation - Categories, products, modules, addons? We can help you!
  • Jobberbase consultation - Categories, listing, style, modules? Contact us
  • Computing and automation consultation - Getting to take more advantage of the technology around you and find ways to save more
  • Small business and Startup consultation - We have been in that situation too :)

Our Consulting service serves those people in need of support when deciding for open source software, integrating and working with different platforms, choosing the right IT and computer tools that will ease their business tasks and improve services they provide, and educating themselves about trends and technologies affecting their industries and marketplace.

For us, every project is always unique.


We are Personalized Training, Computer Consulting, and Virtual Assistance.


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