Volunteering and donations are important and essential contributions to
help society, ourselves and keep life running smoothly

We appreciate your support!

I personally believe that helping others succeed with their businesses, by developing plans that support their business growth, improve their service perfomances and transform communities for the better, are by far the best ways to live your dreamed life as an entrepreneur.

Volunteering your time, skillset, knowledge, and passion to drive innovation and values is an amazing experience that many of us, creative people, small business owners, professionals, have had the pleasure to live. It gives us a meaningful and fruitful chance to explore and embrace change, respect differences, and outperform what we have accomplished before.

I volunteer too! I am glad and thankfull with all these great people I had met. My biggest secret for finding great volunteer opportunities is that I use to ask God to make feel nothing but a positive energy, environment and overall collaborative relations in those projects. This is important to me. We have to do and give what our hearts say is GOOD. I continuosly look for ways to support organizations, mainly non profits or any other that services make a big impact in the way people live. I have taken roles servig from Technical Support, Web Manager, Marketing Director, IT Manager, to Volunteer Coordinator, Content Editor and Spanish Content Creator. Really nice titles! I know. If you find my skilss appropriate for a project you have in mind, feel free to reach me.

If you happen to come across this page or even know me personally and like my work, I would appreciate your collaboration. Your donation will keep me helping others and making tremendous difference in those organizations. Thanks

Sol Gonzalez - +1 (206) 659 8434


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