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Web Design

The important thing about building a website is to find it easily and simple to use; that's why our motto says "Helping you bring ideas online!" For ideas to do business, share your hobbies, delight your customers, or connect with your family, your website is that visual important piece to help express your professional identity and meet your personal goals.

A simple site could mean different things to different people, but there are some important details in a great website to keep in mind: cleanliness, simplicity, good content, color and vibrancy, layout structure, singularity, general style and your personal touch. We make sure your website is accessible, follow coding standard, clear and readable and seo optimized.

You can see samples of our work on Recent Projects.

Programming and Customization

We code, edit and integrate third party code into your web projects. CSS, javascript, php, mysql, smarty, visual basic, html, jquery, and asp (classic asp), Open Sources, are tools we maily use to have you dynamic website.

We work on projects that entail basic, simple, and fresh website layouts, contemporay design touches, small databases customization and integration, web forms programming, personalized and tutored programming, social media implementation (twitter, facebook, linkedin) as the web 2.0 tools and consulting on business and information tecnology.

We can help from converting your images and drawings into browser friendly formats and to seamlessly combining several open source platforms into one viable software. Get in touch to know more.

Are you having problem with making your photo galleries, websites, sliders, banners load faster? From experience, we can tell that most of the time this is because people need better system configuration or files optimization for them to work properly. Send us a line with your question, we may know the answer or refer someone who is expert at your topic!

Need help with your first website?, want a nice and cool automated business platform?, need to integrate a job directory in your website?, are you planning to start a blog?, Let's connect!. We can find ideas to solve your needs under your own budget.


We are Personalized Training, Computer Consulting, and Virtual Assistance.


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