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a Web Hosting service is a type of service that runs internet servers allowing people to publish or share their websites via the World Wide Web. Web host companies offer or provide spaces in their servers for you to upload every information you want others to find in your website (files as your portfolio, pictures, music, videos, designs, and much more). Practically, you rent that space for a reasonable price annually or during the period of time you agreed on.

Domains, said simple, are the names of those websites; that is the electronic address that will direct people to the storage you rented. Anyone will type in your domain and get rapidly and easily to your website.

Most domains looks as follow:

It's really important you choose for a 'perfect' domain name since it will give a little and clear description of what it does or has. You have to find a hosting and domain company provider that will best work for you, your products, software tools and budget.

Remember that a typical period of time to host your domain in a server is normally a one-year; So always keep in mind the image you want your site to project - That image starts from the selection of an effective domain name.

Creating/registering hosting and domains accounts with companies providers is really easy and something you'll get used to do. However, it is a little frustrating and time consuming at first, especially when you know anything about computer or technical words necessary to have your system properly configurated.

Setting up hosting and domain accounts are essential and initial parts of establishing your image online, we at ggwebsolutions can give you a little hand in getting started. We are able to support you with basic ideas, knowledge and examples of what to do next. Send us an email as soon as you are ready. It will be our pleasure to work with and for you.


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