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Our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

G&G WebSolutions may collect some data for information purposes only. We'll never share those data without your permission.

In the event you use any of the information in these pages for yourself, neither G&G Web Solutions, nor freelancers or contributors to this website accept responsibility for your actions.

G&G Web Solutions creates web pages to be viewed by the most commonly used browswers and monitor sizes. However,you should understand that your website cannot be displayed when the host server is under maintenance.

You and G&G Web Solutions will agree whether or not to place a link to on your website. This ad will show us as the creator of it at no cost to you.

You will consider that your website is completed, and that you own it, at the moment is launched on your designated domain name; for that to happens, any remaining charges (moneis due to us) must be paid in full.

Once you give us the content, instructions and any other materials to be used in the design (preferably with written specifications), you agree that they cannot be changed after the design is been created without additional cost.

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