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G&G Web Solutions started when I noticed that every time we express passion for things we learn and love to do, people easily engage with us. I've been involved with technology and computers in every aspect of my life for enough time that I just feel happily annoyed by how technology changes so quickly and I still feel so behind (at least, it allows me to challenge myself one more time).

Since I love reading, writing, learning new program languages, colors, and contacting people - among other things - I've developed the sense of supporting what I believe is the best business idea: working on things you love doing!. I truly think every one of us has a great knowledge on topics that others in the world could benefit from. G&G Web Solutions is one of these great ideas that somebody will find useful, enjoyable, and supportive.

Sol Gonzalez - Founder/Programmer

With more than 12 years of small business experience as a child of an entrepreneurial-minded family (who encouraged her to own a hardware store), avid reader and improved writer, Sol typically works with those who need help starting their virtual ideas and make them public online or need an extra hand to understand their technical classes better.

A graduate in Informatics and in Business Information Technology, Sol maintains her computing, writing, management, creative, and people skills through deep involvement in her community, schools, and associations activities.

In addition to her programming, writing, and designing tasks, she networks with local residents, business people, students, and professionals of differerent areas to absorb ideas about new trends in Informatics, Business, and Personal Development. Her advice to friends, clients, and students comes from her previous works and experiences.

In 2009, Sol enjoyed becoming a tutor in the Academic Assistance and Wide Tutoring Center departments at Seattle Central Community College. There, she gained more sense of the importance of educating ourselves about multicultural communities - an experience that later on supported her work as CMO and cofounder in a business with diversity and inclusion in mind.

In 2010, meaningful experiences when working and helping low-income people reaffirmed her continuous desires to always take some time off to support projects for people in disadvantage. As of today, she has had the pleasure to work with a couple of nonprofit organizations that reach global people. She felt so proud of holding the role as VP, Information Technology & Online Business person for Powerman HOPE Foundation, and will always do her best to deliver quality in what she does to sustain program that empower others.

2011 brougth one more blessing to her family; she became a mom of a beautiful baby boy.

She is a member of a couple of Latinos professional networks in USA, and around the globe, supports online women communities as and and small business communities embracing diversity, she also try to participate in forums for women in Tech once in a while.

Right now, she spends her days between programming, computing, contracts, as well as pursuing projects related to starting up/managing small businesses, becoming a great entrepreneur, developing training programs, and fulfilling her life with love, abundance, and family!.

This was my first business card hehe, not that bad!


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