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English Into Spanish Translations

G&G Web Solutions offers virtual Spanish assistance. Whether you are looking to complete a homework assingment for your Spanish class, to write and translate a business card, thankyou note, business English documents, or website content into Spanish, or even just wishing to convey a message to your spanish readers, colleagues, clients, friends or loved ones, feel relaxed knowing that we'll be here when you need us. Contact us.

The Hispanic culture, as well as any other culture, has a wonderful way to communicate to the world. Hispanics or latinos are people colored by diversity, styles, rhythms, and much more of what we called "sabor" (unique taste). Understanding pretty well about this culture is something that starts with appreciation, and openmindedness; Hispanics form a big group of people with special differences among them. From South America, Central America, North America, to Europe, for example, you will find thousands of ways to say one word; don't despair! anyone can learn Spanish easily when realizing about this fact. The Real Academia Espanola's dictionary is the well known dictionary that rules the Spanish grammar and shows the best hints for you to approach its world.

Let us translate your content and give yourself the opportunity to connect with a new excitig culture.

Content Writing

We are sure you've heard the saying "content is king" but we want you to believe that's not all to it - any content will never substitute your words, thoughts and inspirations; it will never bring you closer to those people you want to meet, you want to sale to, and you want to inspire for powerful changes. In order for content to succeed on Internet and rule the virtual country, there are people that need to be taken into account and you, as a writer, have to understand them and learn to take advantage of them: your online audience - your readers are first.

Before starting to write content, to choose an image, and even to decide for any color palette to use in your website or marketing material, try finding common grounds with your audience, hear about their needs, tell them you are there for them and that you really care. Sad to say it, but nowadays it's not about you or your business anymore - well, somehow still is but hey!, they don't need to know it at first. Your content is meant to provide solutions to their needs, values to their lives and ways they live or do things, to ease their works, and more importantly to entertain them while they are still reading - or watching you. Everything you carefully and strategically share with your audience, that brings traffic, that has readers and followers, that creates buzz and comments, is part of this royal content.

There is an inmense debate on what to share and not with your visitors, potentials and clients, however, we've found there is always a way for everybody to get over it. Create your content in a level that empowers others, that seems real, that is carefully drafted especially when it's intrinsically connected with your business and your professional live. Be positive! People love reading around the web and, like you, they love being relaxed for a moment reading great content. They all read stories everywhere; they are in search of stories that touch their hearts and senses, even when some of them don't want to admit it. We can help you organize your words, express your thoughts and share your ideas through good Spanish content.

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We can set up your online store and start accepting payment online directly to your paypal, stripe, or amazon account.

Web Development

We use several CMSs like Wordpress and BigTree to have you a nice effective website. If you are interested in plain HTML and PHP websites, you are covered.

Spanish Marketing

We are native Spanish speakers and writers with university level background. We create and edit content targeting the Hispanic - Latino community.

Learning and Speaking Spanish

If you are learning to communicate in Spanish, we are well-versed in this matter and are able to assist you in lots of manners. You can improve your Spanish language skills by trying different learning techniques and having a positive mood and attitude during the proccess. Try reading aloud, interpreting Spanish texts, sharing a story, playing with the various tenses when constructing Spanish sentences, and always ask for help when you need a clear interpretation or a new perspective.

Choose a topic you want to practice and let's talk. Define your aspirations with the language, and with a cup of coffee or a little walk you may find new experiences when learning Spanish.

Learning a new language should be as much fun as you are able to allow different techniques along the way. Be creative, and don't let your fears stop you!

Are you ready to try? we are native Spanish speakers with professional and university level background.

Hiring a Professional Spanish Speaker

If you are looking for Hispanic support to your team for a temporary, contract or even a small project, contact Sol Gonzalez; she is a native spanish speaker with small business experience, curious at High Tech, IT, Business, and Professional Development topics, an avid reader in English and Spanish with high-level writing skills in Spanish for different types of documentation. With a positive attitude and a unique charisma, she will give her best to make you feel well supported. How can this help? By consulting on how to improve your company communications and reach the Hispanic community efficiently, presenting information to your spanish audience in a clear and simple way, and even tutoring and teaching Spanish computer classes for a group up to 10 people, are some examples of how our Spanish speaker and Spanish professional assistance can help you.

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